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Dustin and Devin Clark at MSHSA State Solos/Small Ensemble

May 2, 2011

This past weekend I visited Mizzou: University of Missouri to watch Dustin Clark and Devin Clark participate in the MSHSAA State Solos/Small Ensemble Festival.  I have been lucky enough to watch these two kids grow into men over the past couple of years. If you spend any time with them at all, it is clear that they have bright futures ahead of them.  I am honored to call them close friends.  In order for someone to get invited to this festival they must perform in front of a judge at the local level and be awarded a 1 out of 5.  Those students with a 1, are then invited to come and perform in front of judges on the State level and then again rated between 1 and 5.  The first performance, a mixed double quartet (MDQ), was scheduled for 8:30am that morning.  The drive is about 2.5 hours so my day started off getting up around 5am.  The mixed double quartet includes Abby Williams, Devin Clark, Dustin Clark, Elisabeth Keller, Kyle Klemp, Laura Brunette, Matt Harvey and Rachel Anna Chopin.  They sang the songs Set Me As A Seal and Ride On King Jesus. As you can tell by the video, they truly are amazing.  They were awarded a state level score of 2.

Link to: MDQ Brunette singing Set Me As A Seal and Ride On King Jesus at the state level. Sang this April 30, 2011 at Missouri State Columbia.

Dustin Clark also made it to state with the solos Sea Fever and Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  He was awarded a perfect state level score of a 1.  Way to go Dustin!

Link to:  Dustin Clark Solo singing Sea Fever and Swing Low Sweet Chariot

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