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How to guide: Cleaning metals for repair part 3 stainless steel repair with Steelaloy

May 12, 2011

In this 3rd installment of our three part series, How to clean metals, we will discuss the proper way to clean stainless steel before using our product, Steelaloy.  Steelaloy is a stainless steel rod used to repair steel without all the cost normally associated with other forms of repair, such as welding and brazing.

Stainless steel is a happy medium between aluminum and cast iron.  Steel isn’t as porous as cast iron and is less susceptible to corrosion.  However, it is still not as resistant to corrosion as aluminum.  Therefore, thorough cleaning and use of flux is highly recommended.  As with Alumaloy and Castaloy, a clean cloth or rag is the only cleaning tool needed for a neat break. For a rougher break, we recommend using a wire brush or wheel on the rough areas to smooth them out. Any liquid present needs to be wiped away and oil cleansers need to have time to dry completely.   Remember, even though steel is not as porous as cast iron, it can still absorb liquids so you will want to make absolutely sure the area to be mended is dry and free of flammable cleaners used to remove paint or oil. **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Once the area is prepped you may apply the acid we provided with your purchase. You will only need to use a few drops per our instructions. Use of flux is recommended but not required. Like with cast iron, the chances of contamination and oxidation is reduced in your repair when using flux so we always suggest that you take that extra step.

Part 1:  How to guide, cleaning focuses on Alumaloy to repair aluminum.
Part 2:  How to guide, cleaning focuses on Castaloy  to repair cast iron.
Part 3:  How to guide, cleaning focuses on Steelaloy to repair stainless steel.

We hope these cleaning guidelines have been helpful to you in the use of our products. If you have questions or comments please feel free to visit our stainless steel repair forum or post your comments directory to this article.  Feedback always helps us to serve our customers better.

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