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Wizkids heroclix april 2012 pre-order list Galactic Guardians!

January 3, 2012

Wizkids has done it again!  After the very successful Heroclix Incredible Hulk release and the Heroclix Superman release the company has just announced the release of the Galactic Guardians set.  Just like the previous sets you will be able to pre-order from my store.  The scheduled street date is April 4th, 2012.  I have created a list of all the items being released with this set and you can order directly from this website.  The “buy it by the brick” figures are being done a little different this time around.  Each brick will still come with one figure which will not ship inside the brick this time but you will have the option to purchase more figures, Marquee figure below, at a discounted rate at only $3.99 per figure.

We do have opt kits for this set as well as a few left from previous sets.  Contact our office for details.
Register to win a free Galactic Guardians opt kit

All pre-order items come with domestic Free Shipping!!

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