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Derrick Lee Bradshaw Sr.
"You are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with"
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December 3, 2013

Year Started: 1993
Owner: Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
Manager: Andy Still
Description: The Hidden Lair, formally known as The Lair, is a gaming shop in the Central Illinois area founded by Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr. The store’s original location was in Mt Zion on 121 where the current Ace Hardware resides. The store was moved to Decatur in early 2000 and purchased by Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. where it operated on the corner of Wood and Jasper. The corporation started to use it’s connections to branch into more than just hobby and gaming products and soon the gaming part of the store was put on a back burner. Even though most of the attention was given to these other products, this small gaming store continued to supply gamers with much needed content. In early 2010, this store closed down and moved back to Mt Zion where it occupied a very small building in downtown Mt Zion. With the corporations attention no longer being diverted, The Hidden Lair was given the growth it needed, and Oh-My have they grown! The Hidden Lair is now located in a brand new building with room to host weekly sanctioned events in games such as Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.

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  • […] The Hidden Lair, a division of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc., announced today Born of the Gods, the second set in the Theros block, is scheduled for release on February 7, 2014 which is on a Friday. Pre-orders will be sold at $99.99 per box, just call Andy at the store for details. 1.217.864.1851 The fun will be kick off with Friday Night Magic in Decatur, IL or commonly known as FNM. Players on the Hero’s Path will come to their stores to “Venture into the Wilds” and solve a puzzle hidden within the poster included in the Born of the Gods Launch Weekend kit. Players who solve the puzzle receive a copy of the Quest 5 Hero Card. […]

    11:29 pm December 11, 2013 Reply
  • […] The Hidden Lair has been open for about 2 months at its new location. I was recently interviewed about a card game called Magic The Gathering. The store has not carried this game since the mid to late 90′s and since the release of Friday Night Magic, it has changed dramatically. Since the purchase of our plaza, which also houses Bradshaw Consulting, Inc., Quality Home Locator, and Wilhoit Accounting and Tax Service, we have much more space to host this weekly event. Now, due to our new and improved space, the decision was made to pick this game back up and provide a place for local magic players to play. Andy, the store manager, expressed the need for this in the Decatur, IL area. Because my goal all along for the shop has been to provide a place for young adults, like my kids and adults like myself, to have a location where they can go and enjoy each others company, it just made sense to begin hosting this event. […]

    7:22 pm January 2, 2014 Reply
  • […] has a background in writing and she has been helping with press releases from time to time on The Hidden Lair and Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. She wrote a fantastic article, “A parents guide to […]

    2:04 pm April 7, 2014 Reply
  • […] I personally will be donating to the event, but will be out of town and unable to participate. The Hidden Lair and Quality Home Locator will be doing some advertising at the event as well. Look for their booth […]

    12:35 pm May 9, 2014 Reply
  • […] new addition to this year is our office located within the same plaza of The Hidden Lair. If you don’t mail your check in and prefer to visit the office to make your rent payment you […]

    7:07 pm October 29, 2014 Reply
  • […] by: ventrue21 November 25, 2014 Hobbies and Games Leave a comment 4 views The Hidden Lair has just reached it’s 1 year anniversary with Andy Still at the helm. We have had a very […]

    8:05 pm November 25, 2014 Reply
  • […] ventrue21 December 18, 2014 Hobbies and Games Leave a comment 3 views The vision at The Hidden Lair has always been about providing a safe and fun place for people of all ages to share in the love of […]

    9:23 pm December 18, 2014 Reply
  • […] and has started her own Facebook page for babysitting.   Derrick Jr. has been helping out at The Hidden Lair which has been a big help to Andy and […]

    6:24 pm February 3, 2017 Reply
  • […] so busy with all of the day to day operations with Quality Home Locator, Bradshaw Consulting, and The Hidden Lair, that we just did not have time to get everything done.  Over the last couple of years we have […]

    5:41 pm May 4, 2017 Reply
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