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Derrick Lee Bradshaw Sr.
"You are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with"
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Still a proud father! Emperor Turkey Disguse

November 16, 2011

This years parent visitation fell on the week of November 14th, 2011.  My son Connor Bradshaw was lucky enough to follow in my eldest son Derrick’s foot steps and have Mrs. Hatayama this year for 2nd grade as well.  We started off with Mrs. Hatayama reading a story to the kids about a turkey attempting to hide from the farmer during Thanksgiving which leads into one of the most fun activities I have ever gotten to participate in at the schools.  We are assigned a task to help a turkey disguise himself so the farmer will not attempt to cook him for the big Thanksgiving dinner coming up next week.  Last year, when Derrick was in Mrs. Hatayama’s class, we created a Darth Vader Turkey Disguise.

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Connor wanted to stay with the Star Wars theme since it worked so well and he had a great idea for just the right disguise.  We were introduced to our turkey which turned out to be Gibbles, the 2nd cousin of Derricks turkey last year Gobbles.  I mean that does make sense since Mt Zion is such a small town.  This put a little pressure on Connor and I because it seems Gobbles has become infamously known for terrorizing his fellow family members.  The mission, which we totally accepted, was to not only find a costume to disguise Gibbles in, but to also  create something that would rival Darth Vader.  We offered to talk with Gobbles but turkeys can be very paranoid and he would not disclose his location.   However, Derrick was pleased to know that Mr. Gobbles is alive and doing well.  Connor decided we should do The Emperor Palpatine  which I thought was a great idea!! 

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Connor started working on the makeup while I started with his robe.  Once Connor created the light saber, I attached everything to him to complete the costume.  Finally, the only thing left to do was create a quote Gibbles could use in the event that his disguise failed him. I have to say that it is highly unlikely that this disguise would fail. After all, we are talking about the person that brought down the entire Republic.  However, in the event it does, we just need to enlighten the farmer to this fact.

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